We believe in taking care of our customers first, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by producing high quality products with low profit. We have actually found that by making less profit on our oils we sell more, so it's a win win for everyone.

Many folks just can't afford natural holistic organic products for loved ones or themselves from other sellers, and we believe it is just not ethically right to hike up the price ten times. We feel that even if it is popular and something that people really need, it should be affordable to customers. Even worst there are those companies selling diluted bad oils as pure, in large cheep bottles! Lots of these oils are 90% to 95% diluted with a colorless solvent. In fact, labelling standards allows for oils to be labeled “pure” with only 3% of the pure oil in the bottle.

The truth is, we are one of the few companies that offer our high quality products at affordable prices, and it is because of companies like us with compassionate ethics that many people have the opportunity to get these often times crucial oils.

We believe in delivering high-quality sustainable products that work in harmony with nature. Our essential oil products give our customers a direct connection to the Earth because they are all naturally sourced. Each bottle is derived from plants that have been grown, nurtured and harvested in the most natural and traditional ways. The care that goes into producing and packaging our oil is part of the way we strive towards superior customer service. We take pride in delivering all the goodness of the natural Earth to each and every one of our customers.

We also firmly believe in providing detailed information on essential oils and the many ways to use them which improve your life naturally. So we offer free comprehensive E-books with a wealth of content about how to use our products properly. We are proud to offer the opportunity to people that are looking for a more natural way of life without having to pay inflated prices.

• All our oils are handled and processed following the standards of the National Organic Program and have a Certificate of Compliance

• GMO free

• 100% Pure and Natural

• Kosher Certified

• No animal Testing

• Suitable for vegans

• Our bottles are recyclable


Give us a try...we promise we wont let you down!


I am a novice for essential oils and purchased Frankincense for the first time to make a homemade beauty product instead of buying from expensive cosmetics stores. Not only it arrived quickly, but also came with useful and valuable information I did not expect. I learned that Frankincense, the es...

Kiyomi Yamaguchi
May 09, 2016