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Positive effects of yoga on the mind

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Yoga is not only beneficial to the body but it also helps to develop a healthy mind. An important part of yoga is deep breathing and meditation. When this aspect of yoga is taken into account, the person practicing yoga will experience an increased feeling of calmness and clarity.

Yoga is recognized as an effective exercise routine that helps to develop flexibility and strengthen the body. Yoga also helps to develop a healthy mind. An important part of yoga is deep breathing and meditation. This will help to relieve chronic stress, relax the mind and sharpen concentration.

Stress comes in many forms and usually presents itself on a daily basis. When one is under a lot of stress, the body may begin to feel fatigued. Stress may cause back and neck pain, insomnia and headaches. Yoga is very effective in relieving these symptoms of stress. Through stretching and strengthening your muscles and mind, you will find that these stressed areas in your body will begin to relax. Yoga also helps, through meditation, to develop coping skills to properly deal with stress. These coping skills will not only help during times of stress but they may also help you to develop a more positive outlook on life. 

Within the body is a hormone called cortisol. When the body is active, there are high amounts of cortisol in the body. When the body is relaxed or sleeping, there are low amounts of cortisol. Increased cortisol levels are directly linked with stress, depression and mental illness. Yoga is a great and effective way to help lower cortisol levels. This in turn helps to decrease the risk of depression. Lowered cortisol levels is also said to decrease blood pressure and the likelihood of a heart attack. 

Through meditation and yoga, it is easy to calm the mind. By calming the mind one can experience less frustration, anger and fear. Also through yoga, one is more aware of tension in the body and mind. Through the practice of yoga, you can not only find that tension but learn the skills to effectively release that tension. 

Yoga is said to make people feel happy and have improved relationships with others. Some claim that yoga releases serotonin in the brain which is a hormone that increases happiness. A philosophy of yoga is to avoid harm to others, tell the truth, and take only what you need. Dedicated yogi’s that follow this advice will feel happier in their life and will have effective, functional relationships. 



 For a Happier and Healthier Life.
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Positive effects of yoga on the body

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Yoga is a practice that guides participants through various poses or asanas.  In these different asanas, the participant will experience increased flexibility and strength of their muscles. 

As they are performing these poses, the participant also focuses on taking deep breaths and feeling the energy in their body. There are many positive benefits that come to the practiced yogi as a result of their movement through the asanas and also through the deep breathing that accompanies these poses.

Stretching your muscles is something that has many health benefits. When a joint is moved in an abnormal way, there is an action that can be described as a squeeze and soak of the cartilage. This helps to revitalize the cartilage in between your joints that causes it to strengthen and not wear out so quickly.   By stretching, many have found that they are able to lesson chronic pain in the neck or back. This chronic pain may be associated with headaches, arthritis, carpal tunnel or a variety of maladies. By relieving the chronic pain in the back and neck, these other disorders may improve or disappear as well. 

Stretching your muscles also helps to drain lymph which is a fluid that contains white blood cells. White blood cells are effective in fighting bacteria and infections. By releasing these lymph cells through various yoga stretches, you are increasing your immunity and decreasing the risk of infection in your body. Many people who practice yoga testify that they don’t get as sick as often as those who don’t engage in regular stretching exercises.

Yoga helps to get the blood moving in the body. By increasing blood movement one can experience lowered blood pressure. The blood moving will increase the amount of oxygen that is getting moved in between cells. This helps to thin the blood and decreases the likelihood of blood clots. Associated with this movement of blood, one may experience a decreased likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. 

Another important factor in the practice of yoga is meditation. Meditation helps to train the mind. This ability to train the mind can be carried into other areas of life. When one is able to let go of mindless thoughts one can help improve insomnia. Those that practice yoga often are able to fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly.  

As with any kind of physical activity, one may experience a more balanced metabolism. The metabolism is associated with weight gain or loss. When it is balanced, one may find that they are not gaining weight or they are losing the excess weight that they have. 

Lastly, after a yoga session not only will you feel rejuvenated but you may also feel an increased amount of energy. 

There are so many ways that one can benefit from practicing yoga. One of the main purposes of yoga is to create strength awareness and harmony in mind and body. Strengthen and stretch your muscles, create harmony inside your body and also in your mind.


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Balanced blends of Lavender Oil

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Why do you think homemakers and chemists follow recipes and formulas with such precision when ‘creating’ something new? It is because every constituent or ingredient has a significant role to play in the outcome. Aromatherapy has to adhere to the same practice, since healing is entirely dependent upon ‘the right blends of odours’. Manufacturers of essential oils are especially careful when they are creating synergized, balanced blends of Lavender Essential Oil.



A Wonderful Combination of the Strong and the Delicate

The stems and flowers of the Lavender plant emit a rich fragrance, yet Lavender essential oil sends out an odour that is neither too strong nor too delicate. Obviously, the balancing of constituents is tackled in an intelligent manner while extracting essential oil. For instance, camphor, terpenol and cineol are pungent-smelling substances, which constitute only a tiny fraction of the total composition of natural Lavender oil. All of them combined together make up a small percentage, such as 4% of the total composition. This ‘powerhouse’ of natural Lavender essential oil contains large quantities of linalyl acetate and linalol, these sweet-smelling substances make up 70% of the total composition. Ultimately, a synergized balance of all the constituents is achieved in Lavender essential oil.


Experiment on Your Own

Similarly, you can create synergized blends with different essential oils combined together in a carrier oil. What could be better than an aromatic bath at the end of a tiresome and hectic day? Try this unique blend of Lavender essential oil for a relaxing aroma bath at home. The herbs presented in the Lemony-Herbaceous-Floral Balancing Blend will award a marvellous massage to your skin, while the Lavender oil will ensure that your mind becomes totally relaxed and tension-free. Create this synergized balanced blend by putting together 1 ounce of Apricot kernel oil, 3 ounces of Grape seed oil, 6 drops of Lemongrass essential oil, 9 drops of Geranium essential oil and 9 drops of Lavender essential oil. All these essential oils are similar in aroma. Store the blended ingredients in an airtight bottle. Either pour 2/3 tablespoons into your bath water, or massage into your damp skin after a hot shower.

They are Great Balancers

Admittedly, Lavender is a wonderful balancer. However, Geranium and Clary sage are equally proficient too. While several other oils have balancing properties too, they may not be similarly efficacious in nature, nevertheless they can be used. These oils include Lemongrass, Fir Needle, Petitgrain, Marjoram, Juniper Berry and Melissa. Therefore, it is possible to create synergized balanced blends of other essential oils, and not Lavender essential oil alone.

For example, you might prepare a special room spray with the aid of 10 drops of pine essential oil, 10 drops of fir needle essential oil, 4 drops of tangerine essential oil and 4 ounces of water. Store the mixture in a spray bottle, and freshen up all the rooms whenever you feel the need to do so.

Your furniture may feel left out of the spotlight. Take a spray bottle and fill it with 4 ounces of jojoba oil, 4 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 8 drops of sandalwood essential oil, and 12 drops of lemon essential oil. Shake the mixture well and apply directly to wooden surfaces. Alternatively, you might use a dusting cloth with a few drops of the balanced blend on it.


Make Lavender Oil part of your essential medical cabinet.


 For a Happier and Healthier Life.
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Sleep with Lavender

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Tossing and turning at night, waking up at 3 am and unable to go back to sleep, anxious about a big project and unable to fall asleep. Can you relate to any of the above scenarios? Insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety can all be effectively treated with our Essential Lavender Oil.

Insomnia is something that one third of adults will experience at one point in their life. It is defined as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Some may experience insomnia on a daily basis and others may feel the effects of insomnia occasionally. While this can be treated with heavy sleep medications, it is recommended that one not use sleep aides for extended periods of time. As an alternative to sleeping medications, lavender essential oil can help relax, and calm you so that you can have a naturally peaceful night’s sleep.

Often if you have difficulty sleeping it is because you may suffer from an illness that affects you during the day as well. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, your sleep may feel disrupted and you may often feel tired. Lavender essential oil will help to stabilize your mood and decrease your anxiety.

Lavender oil can be used effectively in many different ways: Use it as a massage oil and gently rub it onto the back of your neck or onto your temples, breathe deeply to feel the full effect of the oil. Place the oil in a diffuser or if you don’t have a diffuser, put three or four drops of oil in a pot with three cups boiling water. Make a room spray by placing ten drops of essential oil in a small spray bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with purified water. Use the spray to mist your pillow or sheets before going to bed. Use lavender nightly in one of these ways and you should feel relaxed at bedtime.

Do you have a fussy or colicky baby? Does your child wake up at night and can’t fall back to sleep? Essential oils are safe and effective to use with babies and children. If your baby is inconsolable and can’t fall asleep, mix a little lavender oil with a base oil (coconut oil, olive oil, etc) and rub it onto the bottoms of your baby’s feet. The effects of this treatment will be seen immediately, your baby will feel calm and more relaxed. If you don’t see any effects, repeat the treatment two or three times. If your child wakes up at night and can’t go back to sleep, rub some essential oil in their hands and have them breathe it in deeply. Before your child’s bedtime, create a soothing and restful environment for them in their room by using a lavender room spray or diffusing lavender oil. Creating this environment will help them get a good night’s rest and in turn help mom get a good night’s rest as well. Whatever sleep issues you have, using lavender essential oil will help to calm and relax you so that you can have sweet dreams.

Make Lavender Oil part of your essential medical cabinet.



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Irritability Relief with Essential Oils

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Irritability can happen for a number of reasons. Irritability is an emotional issue that escalates from a bad day or issues that have been building up over time. Some people have the ability to hold in their anger, but sooner or later the emotional irritability caused by negative energies can bubble to the top and cause even the most even tempered person to finally release anger in the form of irritability. Irritability stems from a number of issues that occur throughout the day. Deadlines at work, the pressure of the day’s work, and any other stressful event can cause a person to suffer from irritability.

Using essential oils in aromatherapy can greatly increase your body’s ability to defend and fight back against the emotional negativity of irritability. Irritability can also stem from home related issues, just because you stay at home taking care of kids does not mean you cannot be the subject of irritability issues. Stay at home moms also suffer from irritability of deadlines, taking care of the kids, and making sure everything in the house hold is perfect. Although some may not recognize this as a valid cause, irritability can be greatly exacerbated from home caring and child rearing.

Essential oils in aromatherapy can help you resolve your irritability issues and can help calm you for future work days. Once you use essential oils for irritability relief, you will start to notice how your attitude changes. You may even see how people will respond to you differently once your attitude has changed to a more positive attitude.

Change in living conditions or economic status can also cause irritability. With poor economic stability, it is hard to hold a positive attitude. Using essential oils in aromatherapy help you maintain emotional control even when you have legitimate tragedy in your life. Although tragedy should be nurtured emotionally, it can be a base cause for irritability in your life by taking it out on your family and friends. The aroma from essential oils can help calm your nerves and bring you a positive attitude even on the low days.

Using lavender oil is a perfect way to release stress and bring calm to your irritability, bring calm to your body and mind, just rub a drop of lavender oil behind your ears in the morning and you will be more equipped to deal with a stressful day.



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2012 Lavender Study

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Before the development of penicillin, herbs were commonly used to cure many everyday ailments. Medicine may have evolved and developed, but those plants have not lost any of their potency. Lately researchers are going back to their roots, investigating the clinical effects of essential oils for a myriad of uses. Lavender oil is one of those essential oils being studied further, and the results are astounding.

Researched as an alternative to antibiotics, specifically drug-resistant super bugs, Lavender oil and a number of other essential oils have made their mark on the medical community. These essential oils were found to be cheaper than modern antibiotics, more effective at eliminating drug-resistant micro-organisms, and impossible for the micro-organisms to develop a resistance so far. In fact, if more people used essential oils such as Lavender oil to treat their illnesses and ailments, it may be possible to completely eliminate super bugs.

A 2012 study on Lavender oil found that this essential oil, especially when used undiluted, helped reduce the severity of migraines and in some cases, completely eliminated them. The study used two to three drops of the pure, undiluted therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil applied to the upper lip (just below the nose).

Other studies have shown that Lavender oil has many medicinal properties. These include pain relief, treating mood disorders, relieving spasms or convulsions, and reducing hypertension (high blood pressure). It is also believed to have anti-fungal, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory properties.Buy Now!

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Lavender Massage Oil

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Lavender Massage Oil and its benefits

Lavender essential oil makes the perfect addition to a massage. The benefits of lavender oil combined with the benefits of massage make for a relaxing and healing treatment that goes beyond pampering. In fact, a massage with lavender massage oil may even be considered an essential health routine. In order to use Lavender essential oil in a massage, it first needs to be diluted in a base oil, or carrier.

How to make a good massage oil

The most commonly used carrier oils are grape seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, or sweet almond oil. For every 1 fluid ounce, or 30 ml, of carrier oil, 12 drops of Lavender essential oil can be added. This will result in a 2% dilution. For a more cautious dilution, use 1% or 6 drops in the same amount of carrier oil.

Massage also helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression by lowering the blood pressure, reducing the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and boosting the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Lavender essential oil is known to have relaxing properties and has often been used to treat mild depression and lower the blood pressure. This makes it an excellent companion to massage in the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression. Often associated with stress and tension, headaches and migraines are also treated effectively with pure, undiluted Lavender essential oil.

A 30 minute massage has been known to reduce the pain associated with tension headaches and migraines. Combining the two is bound to have a more speedy and effective outcome. People suffering from osteoarthritis have found that massage is an excellent, effective and pleasant treatment. The pain and stiffness associated with this degenerative joint disease is eased through massage alone. When Lavender essential oil is added to the massage oil, the pain can be further reduced.

lavender massage oil

Insomnia can be a serious health concern. Lavender essential oil has sedative properties and, when combined with the ability of massage to stimulate the delta brain waves associated with sleep, the two become a winning combination in the treatment and prevention of insomnia.

Lavender essential oil also helps to boost the immune system and provides faster healing and recovery. Massage has a similar effect on the body, increasing the number of disease fighting white blood cells and reducing the stress that destroys the immune system.

The lymphatic system is intimately connected with the immune system, removing all the waste from the body and depositing it in the blood stream to be filtered by the kidneys. A sluggish lymphatic system can cause water retention, or edema, and dulling of the complexion. Massage, particularly lymphatic massage, helps the lymphatic system to drain properly. This reduces the swelling associated with water retention and gives the skin a vital glow.

Massage, even one as short as 15 minutes, has been shown to improve concentration and increase awareness. This is more than likely due to the increase in blood circulation that massage provides. Blood, particularly oxygenated blood, is extremely important for the brain to function at its best. Lavender essential oil aids in improving the circulation of blood and would boost the effects of the massage.

The benefits of massage are numerous, and the benefits of Lavender essential oil are even more so. Each compliments and accentuates the properties of the other, making them blend together to form the perfect treatment for health and well-being.


 For a Happier and Healthier Life.

Essentially Lavender


Skeptics may be inclined to ‘pooh-pooh’ the advantages of Aromatherapy, believing that the sense of smell and health cannot be interrelated. However, people who have taken recourse in this novel form of therapy, vouch for its beneficial effects. Although there are several kinds of oils available, Lavender essential oil is a favorite. This is evinced by the fact that users consider it indispensable for the maintenance of good health.

Get Acquainted with the Lavendula Plant

When you take a hike in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean region, especially in the Western half, you may come across a 3-foot (1 meter) high shrub exhibiting a profusion of brilliantly hued flowers in mauve, blue, or purplish-blue. Well, this is the Lavender plant, also known as Lavendula. The woody shrub is evergreen, comprising of linear-shaped leaves, which are a marvelous grey-green in color.

The Ancient Romans and Greeks were enamored by this plant. The Romans made the flowers and stems an integral part of their bathing routines, since the very name (derived from the Latin ‘lavere’) means, to wash. People even strewed them on the floor and walked over them, creating an aromatic atmosphere all round. The Greeks, called it ‘Nardus’ or ‘Nard’. Glove makers added Lavender oil to their leathers, in order to ward off the effects of plague, the scent kept away the fleas. Over the centuries, the Romans and Greeks disseminated their knowledge about the Lavendula plant to various geographical locations, beginning with the UK.

Did You Know This?

Although there are 39 species of Lavendula, only a few, including Lavendula officinalis, Lavendula augustifolia and Lavendula latifolia are utilized for preparing Lavender essential oil. The reason being that these particular species emit a rich and fresh fragrance, which is necessary for successful aromatherapy. Stems and flowers are removed from fully bloomed plants, which have begun to show signs of withering. They are then placed in compact steel pots for carefully monitored steam distillation. The oil that is obtained at the end of the process is volatile in nature (can evaporate quickly), clear in appearance, fragrant, and watery in viscosity.

No Home Should be Without This Oil

o you have ‘little ones’ in your house? Well then, there are bound to be minor medical emergencies such as wounds and cuts. A small amount of concentrated Lavender essential oil should serve to remove the pain and keep away infections. The same goes for burns, bug bites and minor irritations caused by microbes. In case of fever, mix a few drops of oil in tepid water, before giving your child a sponge bath. Running around after your toddlers is bound to leave you with a headache, fatigue and aching muscles at the end of the day. Your headache will disappear with the application of oil onto the nape of the neck, temples and forehead. Otherwise, soak a muslin handkerchief in icy water, sprinkle some drops of oil on it, and place the compress on your forehead. At the same time, soak your feet in hot water containing 5 to 6 drops of oil, and relax. This will dissipate your fatigue almost immediately. In the case of aching muscles a complete soak in a bathtub with lavender oil is the best option.

Lavender essential oil comes in handy for specific purposes too. For instance, worried teenagers can get rid of acne, merely by adding a few drops of oil to their daily creams. Similarly, eczema can be cured with a combination of calamine lotion and Lavender essential oil or carrier oil and Lavender oil. A person infected with scabies should get a complete body massage with this oil, on the first day. Add alcohol to the oil, before continuing the practice on subsequent days. Even sprinkle a few drops of oil on the mattress and bed linen.

While inhalation is good for sinusitis, a compress is highly useful for painful Shingles. Menstrual cramps can be relieved. It is possible to get rid of earache by massaging a few drops of warm oil on the area around the throat and ears; the bottle of oil has to be warmed in hot water for a couple of minutes. A few drops on your pillow at night should help you sleep better, as well as keep nasty insects away from your body. Moths will not dare to approach your clothes if your cupboard emits a lavender fragrance. Finally, this is oil is great for sunburn, stress and anxiety, and dizziness too. Do remember, however, to keep the bottle tightly closed always.

Lavender Essential Oil is Special

As indicated above, the Lavendula stems and flowers possess several therapeutic properties. It is a pain reliever (analgesic, anti-rheumatic and anti-spasmodic), prevents bacterial and viral infections from getting worse it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bactericide and anti-viral and reduces stress, nausea and dizziness, it is also anti-depressant and anti-convulsant and helps insomniacs to sleep. It helps that Lavender essential oil blends beautifully with other oils such as nutmeg, citrus, cedarwood, pine, clary sage and geranium. As a result, there is no end to the therapeutic usage of Lavender essential oil. In fact, you may safely experiment with it for all kinds of ailments, including those related to the digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system and the integumentary (skin) system.

Why does this work so well?

According to Aromatherapy practitioners, inhalation of strong, but not intoxicating, scents tend to awaken the olfactory system within the human brain, this is the ‘smell’ region of the brain. As a result, the individual’s limbic system begins to re-experience certain positive emotions and relive some positive memories. Ultimately, all tensions are relieved, and there is only calmness.

Precautions to be Borne in Mind

It is rare, but you just might exhibit an allergic reaction to the application of the oil, or observe previous allergies being reactivated. Please discontinue usage of the oil and visit the doctor.


There is no denying that Lavender essential oil offers untold benefits, if used wisely and well. Go ahead and make it an integral part of your medicine cabinet. Watch your physical and mental woes disappear!ntal woes disappear!


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Feel less Anxious with Lavender Oil

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Anxiety can inflict its horrible symptoms on people of any age. Anxiety comes in all different forms including social anxiety, panic attacks, or simply an inability to cope with the stress and the hectic schedule of a busy work day.

Anxiety raises the heart rate, causes mental fatigue, and is overall dangerous to one’s physical health. Some people will choose to see a therapist and use drugs or other chemicals to help rid themselves from daily anxiety. Some of these drugs have unknown side effects, and can cause future health problems.

Lavender oil is natural way to relax and help relieve you of stress, calm your nerves, and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Anxiety can stem from multiple places in our lives. Work environments with strict deadlines are places that foster anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue. The anxiety caused from these kinds of places can cause you to have problems concentrating and being efficient at your job. It can cause you to be sick more often than usual, and it can ultimately cause you to lose your current job.

Poor relationships can also cause anxiety. If your relationship is failing or you suspect adultery, worrying and focusing on the negative can make you extremely stressed and cause you to become anxious. Essential oils can help soothe and relax your mind from all the negativity and help you worry and stress less.

help sleeping

Worrying about a failing relationship can also harm your physical health, so using aromatherapy can help keep your body strong and relieve the stress from the day.

If you find yourself crippled from the anxiety from work, school, or your home life, trying essential oils can lift your spirits and help you fight back. Regaining control of your emotions can be done without the need of drugs and chemicals.

The drugs that are typically used to treat mental issues can cloud your mind and alter your personality negatively. Essential oils are naturally relaxing methods to help you battle the anxiety and stress that plague you. Just a few drops of lavender oil massaged into your shoulders can help you to clear your mind and feel relaxed.





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Beautiful Skin

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While essential oils are mainly used for aromatherapy, they can also be used to help fight off painful acne. The results of lavender oil on acne can be amazing and can keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Your skin is sensitive to environmental changes, stress, and oily build up that can lead to dreadful acne, Lavender oil has the ability to successfully fight off acne breakouts. Some people take medication to get rid of acne without knowing the side effects of these medications. Using lavender essential oil is a way to safely and naturally remove acne and helps to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Essential oils are non-greasy, so they will not cause an oil build up resulting in clogged pores. They will do quite the contrary, in fact, using essential oils on acne is a great way to spot treat existing acne without using harsh chemicals. Lavender oil will help you fight acne, remove blemishes, and tighten small premature wrinkles.

We love top premium lavender oilYou may already use essential oils without your knowledge. Some manufacturers of good quality creams and moisturizers already use essential oils in small amounts in their ingredients. The beautiful fragrance can be detected in some creams that you buy over the counter. Designing your perfect beauty regime is difficult to do without the use of essential oils, their benefits bring healthy skin and a smooth, radiant glow to your facial features.  The essential oils used in popular acne products have been in use therapeutically for many years.

Essential oils are often dissolved in cream or oil and then applied as a moisturizer.  Even in small concentrations they provide medicinal advantages for acne breakouts. The oils bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, helping it fight off any blemishes.


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"Good value. I use the Lavender oil at my office with reeds to create a lovely smelling work space, instead of those nasty "fragrance oil plug-ins" that can be loaded with hundreds of toxic chemicals. Co-workers like to come into my closed space because of how it smells."

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