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Aromatic Facial with Lavender

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Beauty treatments can be expensive and waiting times rather tiresome, yet you have no choice if you wish to look attractive and trendy most of the time. You could try pampering yourself with a do-it-yourself (DIY) aromatic facial with Lavender essential oil.Give Your Face an Entire Makeover

Lavender Facial

Fresh fruits are excellent material for facials; you can use the pulp of apples, apricots or peaches. For added benefit, you may go in for a teaspoonful of honey as well, or even an egg. Put the whole lot into a blender, and blend well. Your face pack is now ready, just add a 2-3 drops of Lavender essential oil and apply. If you find fruit pulp too messy, get a clay mask and add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to it. Leave it on for ten minutes before washing it off. If you have long hair, it will help to cover it up before applying the mask, otherwise the fruit can make strands of hair quite sticky and messy. The best thing about this DIY aromatic facial is that you may experiment with it as you wish. For example, other oils such as rosewood, sandalwood, patchouli, rose, or ylang-ylang may be used as add-ons.


Why do Your Eyes Look So Tired Always?

Living amidst polluted surroundings, long days and late nights tend to make your eyes puffy and red. A great way to help heal your eyes is with chamomile tea bags. They are completely safe and reliable, simply place a chamomile tea bag in boiling water and allow it to infuse, when the water has cooled slightly, pour a few drops of Lavender essential oil into it. Give the lavender oil a couple of minutes to penetrate the tea bag. Remove the tea bag, squeeze excess water, and place it on your closed eyes. They will feel soothed and relaxed immediately.


Monthly, Weekly and Daily Rituals

Make it a habit to get rid of accumulated dead skin cells, once a month, with the help of a DIY aromatic facial with Lavender essential oil. Pour around six drops of this oil into a blended mixture of one cup of coarse or fine oatmeal, half-a-cup of finely ground almonds and a teaspoon of clear honey. If you like to, you may add bergamot, geranium, or sandalwood oil too.

Every week, place a hot compress on your face. The compress refers to a flannel cloth soaked in hot water containing Lavender essential oil. After five minutes, splash cold water onto your face. Alternatively, other oils such as geranium, rose, sandalwood, lemon, or frankincense may be used too.

On a daily basis, take recourse to a cleanser-toner-moisturizer combination to which you can add Lavender essential oil. Apart from Lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, bergamot, lemon and geranium are also good additions to a cleansers. Toning can be done with the aid of Lavender by adding it to plain rosewater, witch-hazel water, or orange flower water. Finally, moisturize your face, you may add Lavender essential oil and rose to a moisturizer with a neutral base.

And voila there you have it, you just saved money, didn't use any harmful chemicals or preservatives and very importantly you did something fun and good for yourself.


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Lavender great Stress Reducer

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If you are looking for top-quality essential oil, then you are definitely in the right place. We provide a high-quality lavender oil that is produced from 100% naturally pure lavender flowers, is certified undiluted, and is a premium therapeutic organic grade essential oil and is quite affordable.

Unlike other similar products that are diluted with additives, fillers, and carriers, this lavender essential oil is authentic, natural, and pure. WellnessScent Lavender Oil is steam-distilled from fresh Lavender flowers from the French province of Provencal -- a wonderful tourist location well known for its fresh fields of beautifully scented lavender.

The health benefits of lavender essential oil have never been in doubt. Right from time immemorial, the oil extracted from lavender plants has been used in many societies around the world to purify the body and spirit. Even to this day, lavender essential oil is still used to purify and re-energize the body, mind, and soul in aromatherapy. By adding just a few drops of  Lavender Essential Oil to a bowl of warm water and letting the lavender fragrance circulate around a room, you will help any individual to achieve a sound, refreshing sleep, courtesy of the effects lavender fragrance on your body.

Apart from its use in aromatherapy, lavender essential oil has many other valuable health benefits. Lavender is one of the most useful oils in the treatment of acne. According to dermatologists, lavender restrains the growth of bacteria that causes acne in the skin. It also reduces the over-secretion of sebum, which attracts bacteria responsible for causing acne, and scarring in the skin. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to your lotion, cream, or body wash will significantly reduce your chances of developing acne.

Have you had a long tiresome day? Then, you should have a hot foot bath with a few drops of lavender oil. Because the sole of the foot is very porous, lavender oil can quickly get into your bloodstream and exert its soothing effect, calming and relaxing your body. Next time you are suffering from fatigue, go have a hot foot bath with lavender oil, and you will be relaxed, refreshed, and recharged after the bath.

Are you experiencing frequent headaches? Then, you need lavender oil in order to make your recurrent headache attacks a thing of the past. Applying a mixture of lavender oil and ice cold water in the forehead, temples, and nape of the neck is very effective in curing headaches.

Lavender oil is also effective in the treatment of insomnia, post-operative pain, sunburns, menstrual cramps, anxiety and stress, fever, cuts and wounds, burns, aching muscles, and common cold and flu. By using Lavender Essential Oil, you will be able to enjoy the numerous health benefits of this essential oil. It is not surprising that a 10 ml bottle of the lavender essential oil is likened to a medical cabinet in your pocket.


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This is my third order within a year from your company- I simply can't get enough of the lavender oil hands down the best smelling, and now I am finding more ways to incorporate it into my life (holistic, skin care, house hold, etc)... Thank you,

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Nov 29, 2015