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Prepare your home for the holidays using Lavender Essential oil

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It’s the holidays and what a great time for family and friends to visit! Whether they come for the day or stay for a week, I would like to share with you some handy tips to prepare your home using lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help disinfect and clean your home naturally, it also leaves it smelling fresh and wonderful. Did you know that you can use lavender oil to make your own super effective cleaning products? Making your own is way cheaper and so much healthier for you and your family.

Nowadays everyone is waking up and realizing that purchased cleaning products contain a host of nasty chemicals we just don’t want in our homes anymore. So here’s a list of my favorite simple DIY home recipes for cleaning products using lavender essential oil. Most of the extra ingredients you will probably already have in your home.

Try these out:

Anti-bacterial spray. Use this spray in your kitchen to wipe down your counters. To make it all you need is 1 cup of filtered water with 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Combine these two ingredients in a spray bottle and shake to use it when needed. You can use it to spruce up your freshly washed linen or upholstered furniture. Simply spray on your couch, pillows, sheets and allow to air dry. This will leave them fresh smelling and spell bad news for any lingering bacteria!

All purpose cleaner . This is one that you can use for heavier cleaning jobs. Use it in your bathroom or to deep clean your kitchen. As you make this solution be be aware that the combination of ingredients will cause a chemical reaction (when you mix the baking soda and vinegar together, it’s going to bubble!) Combine: 3 tablespoons vinegar with ½ teaspoon baking soda, ½ cup liquid castile soap (a type of soap made from plant oils, a “true soap” not simply a chemical detergent making it sensitive on skin, bio-degradable and earth-friendly), 2 cups hot water, 15 drops of lavender essential oil and 15 drops tea tree essential oil. Combine these in a spray bottle and use when needed. 

Grease cutter solution. This is a great one to clean out your oven or the top of your stove after cooking that Christmas meal. Combine 2 cups water, 1 cup liquid castile soap and 10 drops of lavender oil. Use in a spray bottle.

Carpet freshener. This is a powder solution, that you sprinkle on your carpets to freshen your room. You can also use it on your mattress or upholstered furniture. Combine 5 drops of lavender essential oil with one cup of baking soda in a container and mix well. Sprinkle it on the area you choose and leave for at least half an hour. Then vacuum it up. You will love your homes fresh lavender smell and so will your guests.

Using lavender in your home has a few more added be nefits. You see lavender is also used in aromatherapy for its calming effect on the body and mind. Remember not to get too stressed out if Christmas tends to get a bit hectic for you. Treat yourself and your husband each evening with a hot bath and diffuse your bedroom with lavender oil to help you unwind.

If you are planning on having overnight guests for the holiday, diffuse some lavender oil in the room that they will be sleeping in. This will help them relax and get a good night sleep.

Lavender essential oil is my absolute favorite because it is so versatile. I hope you find that you can use these tips to help you prepare for the holidays and keep calm and relaxed throughout the festive season.

Merry Christmas and a have hap py healthy New Year!


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