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Diluting using Carrier Oils

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Essential oils are pure, extracted oils that come from parts of plants. They are natural and safe to use, but they are also very potent. Body Essential oils are strong because they are in a pure form. While you can apply the oil in its neat state (without any carrier oil), it is not recommended. You should consider diluting your oil it with a carrier oil. If you choose to use an essential oil undiluted, than you need to be aware that permanent sensitization may occur.

Sensitization is when you develop a skin allergy or rash and in severe cases you could develop respiratory issues or anaphylactic shock when exposed to the oil. This sensitization will occur every time you come in contact with the oil. To be safe, make sure you dilute your oils every time you use them. A 2% dilution is recommended. A 2% dilution would be 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil and 2 drops of your essential oil; 1 Tablespoon of a carrier oil and 6 drops of an essential oil; 1 fluid ounce of a carrier oil and 12 drops of an essential oil.

There are many carrier oils that you can use.

Four possibie carrier oils are: Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil and Olive oil.

- Coconut oil. This oil never goes rancid, it has a great shelf life and will last as long as your oils will. It is odorless, colorless and it won’t stain your clothes. It absorbs easily into your skin and is also a great moisturizer but it doesn’t feel greasy when you put it on.

You can also choose Virgin coconut oil which is solid at room temperature. Virgin coconut oil is said to have added health and wellness attributes that work with your oils to help heal .

- Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes. It has many beneficial qualities including: a good moisturizer, a good lubricant for massage or shaving and it is also has astringent properties. Grapeseed oil does not saturate as quickly into your skin and you will have an oily feel after using it.

- Jojoba oil not only nourishes your skin but it is said to resemble a lot of the oils that are naturally in your skin. It feels natural to have it on and it absorbs into the skin easily.

- Olive oil is perhaps the most common of all the carrier oils. This oil is high in vitamins and minerals. While it may leave you feeling a little oily after use, it is great for massage and also is an effective hair conditioner.

Choose a carrier oil and combine it with your essential oil. With an oil that you use often, make up a dilution and store it in a bottle to use when you need it. By having a pre-made diluted oil, you can apply it quickly and not have to worry about possible sensitization.


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