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Distilling Tea tree

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Tree oil is potent and useful. If you have access to tea tree leaves, you may be able to distill some oil from the leaves in your own home.

Tea trees are native to Australia. The tree can also survive in tropical climates where it is warm and humid. If you have access to these leaves you can use the leaves to create your oil. This article will review the process of steam distillation and distillation using a still.

Remember before you begin to take the necessary safety precautions. This oil may be volatile and may irritate your skin if exposed to it in large amounts. Wear safety goggles and gloves when distilling your oil.

Steam distillation can be done using items in your own kitchen. You will need a pot with a lid, a vegetable steamer, a glass measuring cup, some water and ice and a separating funnel. The separating funnel can be

purchased online and looks like the picture below.


Once you have all your materials place the tea tree leaves in the pot and cover them with water. Place your vegetable steamer on top of the leaves/water in order to create a flat surface. In the middle of the steamer place a measuring cup. Put the lid on the pot upside-down so that the handle is in the measuring cup. Boil the water. Place ice cubes on the top of the lid to aid with the condensation inside.

Once all the ice is melted, turn off the burner and remove the lid. Pour everything from the measuring cup into the separating funnel. Shake the funnel and then wait for the contents inside to settle. You will see the separation inside between the water and the oil.

Open the valve on the bottom and release the water. You will be left with the oil that you can store in a separate container.

The second way to distill your tea tree oil is by using a still. Stills can be purchased online and look like the picture below.


Begin the process by pouring water into the distil lation beaker. Fill the upper container with as many tea tree leaves as you can. Start a low water flow into your condenser and turn on the heat under your water. Leave the heat on for thirty minutes, or more.

Turn off the heat and pour off any water caught in the container that caught your tea tree oil. Store your oil to use whenever you wish.

The process of distillation is rather simple but if you live in cold climates you may find it difficult to obtain fresh leaves from the tea tree. If this is the case, it may be easier and cheaper to buy your oil already made.

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