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2012 Lavender Study

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Before the development of penicillin, herbs were commonly used to cure many everyday ailments. Medicine may have evolved and developed, but those plants have not lost any of their potency. Lately researchers are going back to their roots, investigating the clinical effects of essential oils for a myriad of uses. Lavender oil is one of those essential oils being studied further, and the results are astounding.

Researched as an alternative to antibiotics, specifically drug-resistant super bugs, Lavender oil and a number of other essential oils have made their mark on the medical community. These essential oils were found to be cheaper than modern antibiotics, more effective at eliminating drug-resistant micro-organisms, and impossible for the micro-organisms to develop a resistance so far. In fact, if more people used essential oils such as Lavender oil to treat their illnesses and ailments, it may be possible to completely eliminate super bugs.

A 2012 study on Lavender oil found that this essential oil, especially when used undiluted, helped reduce the severity of migraines and in some cases, completely eliminated them. The study used two to three drops of the pure, undiluted therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil applied to the upper lip (just below the nose).

Other studies have shown that Lavender oil has many medicinal properties. These include pain relief, treating mood disorders, relieving spasms or convulsions, and reducing hypertension (high blood pressure). It is also believed to have anti-fungal, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory properties.Buy Now!

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Lavender Massage Oil

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Lavender Massage Oil and its benefits

Lavender essential oil makes the perfect addition to a massage. The benefits of lavender oil combined with the benefits of massage make for a relaxing and healing treatment that goes beyond pampering. In fact, a massage with lavender massage oil may even be considered an essential health routine. In order to use Lavender essential oil in a massage, it first needs to be diluted in a base oil, or carrier.

How to make a good massage oil

The most commonly used carrier oils are grape seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, or sweet almond oil. For every 1 fluid ounce, or 30 ml, of carrier oil, 12 drops of Lavender essential oil can be added. This will result in a 2% dilution. For a more cautious dilution, use 1% or 6 drops in the same amount of carrier oil.

Massage also helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression by lowering the blood pressure, reducing the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, and boosting the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Lavender essential oil is known to have relaxing properties and has often been used to treat mild depression and lower the blood pressure. This makes it an excellent companion to massage in the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression. Often associated with stress and tension, headaches and migraines are also treated effectively with pure, undiluted Lavender essential oil.

A 30 minute massage has been known to reduce the pain associated with tension headaches and migraines. Combining the two is bound to have a more speedy and effective outcome. People suffering from osteoarthritis have found that massage is an excellent, effective and pleasant treatment. The pain and stiffness associated with this degenerative joint disease is eased through massage alone. When Lavender essential oil is added to the massage oil, the pain can be further reduced.

lavender massage oil

Insomnia can be a serious health concern. Lavender essential oil has sedative properties and, when combined with the ability of massage to stimulate the delta brain waves associated with sleep, the two become a winning combination in the treatment and prevention of insomnia.

Lavender essential oil also helps to boost the immune system and provides faster healing and recovery. Massage has a similar effect on the body, increasing the number of disease fighting white blood cells and reducing the stress that destroys the immune system.

The lymphatic system is intimately connected with the immune system, removing all the waste from the body and depositing it in the blood stream to be filtered by the kidneys. A sluggish lymphatic system can cause water retention, or edema, and dulling of the complexion. Massage, particularly lymphatic massage, helps the lymphatic system to drain properly. This reduces the swelling associated with water retention and gives the skin a vital glow.

Massage, even one as short as 15 minutes, has been shown to improve concentration and increase awareness. This is more than likely due to the increase in blood circulation that massage provides. Blood, particularly oxygenated blood, is extremely important for the brain to function at its best. Lavender essential oil aids in improving the circulation of blood and would boost the effects of the massage.

The benefits of massage are numerous, and the benefits of Lavender essential oil are even more so. Each compliments and accentuates the properties of the other, making them blend together to form the perfect treatment for health and well-being.


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Feel less Anxious with Lavender Oil

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Anxiety can inflict its horrible symptoms on people of any age. Anxiety comes in all different forms including social anxiety, panic attacks, or simply an inability to cope with the stress and the hectic schedule of a busy work day.

Anxiety raises the heart rate, causes mental fatigue, and is overall dangerous to one’s physical health. Some people will choose to see a therapist and use drugs or other chemicals to help rid themselves from daily anxiety. Some of these drugs have unknown side effects, and can cause future health problems.

Lavender oil is natural way to relax and help relieve you of stress, calm your nerves, and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Anxiety can stem from multiple places in our lives. Work environments with strict deadlines are places that foster anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue. The anxiety caused from these kinds of places can cause you to have problems concentrating and being efficient at your job. It can cause you to be sick more often than usual, and it can ultimately cause you to lose your current job.

Poor relationships can also cause anxiety. If your relationship is failing or you suspect adultery, worrying and focusing on the negative can make you extremely stressed and cause you to become anxious. Essential oils can help soothe and relax your mind from all the negativity and help you worry and stress less.

help sleeping

Worrying about a failing relationship can also harm your physical health, so using aromatherapy can help keep your body strong and relieve the stress from the day.

If you find yourself crippled from the anxiety from work, school, or your home life, trying essential oils can lift your spirits and help you fight back. Regaining control of your emotions can be done without the need of drugs and chemicals.

The drugs that are typically used to treat mental issues can cloud your mind and alter your personality negatively. Essential oils are naturally relaxing methods to help you battle the anxiety and stress that plague you. Just a few drops of lavender oil massaged into your shoulders can help you to clear your mind and feel relaxed.





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Beautiful Skin

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While essential oils are mainly used for aromatherapy, they can also be used to help fight off painful acne. The results of lavender oil on acne can be amazing and can keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Your skin is sensitive to environmental changes, stress, and oily build up that can lead to dreadful acne, Lavender oil has the ability to successfully fight off acne breakouts. Some people take medication to get rid of acne without knowing the side effects of these medications. Using lavender essential oil is a way to safely and naturally remove acne and helps to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Essential oils are non-greasy, so they will not cause an oil build up resulting in clogged pores. They will do quite the contrary, in fact, using essential oils on acne is a great way to spot treat existing acne without using harsh chemicals. Lavender oil will help you fight acne, remove blemishes, and tighten small premature wrinkles.

We love top premium lavender oilYou may already use essential oils without your knowledge. Some manufacturers of good quality creams and moisturizers already use essential oils in small amounts in their ingredients. The beautiful fragrance can be detected in some creams that you buy over the counter. Designing your perfect beauty regime is difficult to do without the use of essential oils, their benefits bring healthy skin and a smooth, radiant glow to your facial features.  The essential oils used in popular acne products have been in use therapeutically for many years.

Essential oils are often dissolved in cream or oil and then applied as a moisturizer.  Even in small concentrations they provide medicinal advantages for acne breakouts. The oils bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, helping it fight off any blemishes.


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Fight Depression with Lavender oil

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Depression can hit you at any point in your life. For some people depression develops later on in life, for other people, they are chronically incapacitated from depression since they were children. Regardless of when depression began in your life, it is important to do something to help boost your self-esteem and rid your life from depression. Depression can cause anxiety and it can ultimately cause you to become unhealthy and physically harm your body. Depression comes in all different shapes and sizes, it can be a rare outbreak or it can be a looming cloud over a severely depressed person. Lavender oil can help you overcome depression in your life and it can give you a boost in attitude and a complete overhaul in how you view your life. Aromatherapy is a natural way to help you balance mood swings and deal with debilitating depression. Some people use recreational drugs and or prescribed drugs to deal with their depression. These may work for some people, however they can be very damaging to your health and often have many unpleasant side effects. Aromatherapy is completely natural and is a safe way to try and battle depression and has been for thousands of years.

 Using Lavender oil in Aromatherapy is very good for you. Not only is depression bad for your mental health, but it can eventually affect your physical health as well. Depression can cause social anxiety and health issues. It can be the cause of a loss of appetite, mood swings, and you may even lose your job over severe depression. These are reasons why depression should be recognized and dealt with quickly before it gets out of hand.

lavender oil

Another natural way to assist essential oils in eliminating depression is daily exercise, such as walking, swimming and running. Essential oils and aromatherapy can help, but coupled with the above activities you can find your depression slowly fading. Essential oils can help you fight off depression effectively without all the drugs and chemicals. Aromatherapy penetrates the senses and helps you fight off the negative effects of depression with stimulating fragrances and scents. Lavender oil used in aromatherapy is a powerful solution to help fight off depression. Lavender will successfully boost your mood and help you balance your emotions. The essential oil can be used in so many ways. Use it as a potent solution to help rid yourself from depression quickly and efficiently. Using Lavender oil in Aromatherapy is very good for you[/caption] Not only is depression bad for your mental health, but it can eventually affect your physical health as well. Depression is also cause stress and stress is a well known killer for people who keep emotions inside. Depression can cause social anxiety and health issues. It can be the cause of a loss of appetite, mood swings, and you can lose your job over severe depression. These are reasons why depression should be contained and dealt with quickly before it becomes out of hand.

Other natural ways to assist essential oils in eliminating depression is daily exercise, efficient nightly stress, and a boost in self confidence. Essential oils in aromatherapy can help, but coupled with the above activities you can find your depression slowly fading. Essential oils can help you fight off depression effectively without all the drugs and chemicals. Aromatherapy penetrates the senses and helps you fight off the negative effects of depression with stimulating fragrances and scents. Lavender oil used in aromatherapy is a powerful solutions to help fight off depression. Lavender will successfully boost your mood and help you balance your emotions. The essential oil can be used in so many ways,. Use it as a potent solution to help rid yourself from depression quickly and efficiently.

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Beauty of Lavender

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Cosmetic Applications

Lavender essential oil has many cosmetic applications that date back to ancient times. Aside from the medicinal properties of Lavender, it also makes an excellent perfume with its delicate but distinctive scent. It has benefits for both dry and oily skin types, making it useful in the treatment of various skin conditions such as acne and dandruff as well as psoriasis, eczema, seborrhoea, and rashes. It is also a safe and easy go-to solution for a number of hair issues like hair loss (alopecia) and itchy scalp.

The cosmetic industry is awash with products that promise to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Lavender has been a natural remedy for this for centuries due to its astringent (or skin tightening) properties. This will leave your skin looking younger, healthier and smoother. When used in homemade facial washes, toners and moisturizers, Lavender essential oil makes a pleasant smelling, delicate, and cost effective treatment.

great skin

Lavender essential oil also has a balancing effect on the production of sebum from the oil glands of the skin. That means that oily skin types, which have a tendency to overproduce sebum or oil, are kept in check by the Lavender oil and the oil production is reduced. This helps to prevent spots and acne from forming and prevents the face from appearing oily. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender also help prevent and treat acne by killing the bacteria and reducing the swelling associated with acne.

Oily skin types are not the only ones to be balanced by Lavender essential oil.

Dry skin types also benefit from the balancing properties of this versatile oil. That may seem like a contradiction, but oil glands that don’t produce enough oil or sebum to keep the skin moisturized will be stimulated to produce more oil to give the complexion a healthy glow.

Eczema and psoriasis are both inflammatory skin conditions that cause flaking of the skin accompanied by itching and, in severe cases, oozing and bleeding. The analgesic properties of Lavender sooth the itching and burning while its healing properties aid in the healing of the skin underneath. The anti-inflammatory properties of Lavender also help to decrease the intensity and frequency of occurrence of these inflammatory skin conditions. As an added bonus, the antibacterial properties will also prevent a secondary infection from getting under your skin and creating more havoc in an already sensitive area.

Since the usual treatment is steroid creams, Lavender essential oil provides a more subtle treatment with less negative side effects. Finally, these skin conditions often react to stress by flaring up. Lavender is an effective treatment for stress and so will prevent the annoying and sometimes painful flare ups.

Lavender essential oil makes a very versatile hair treatment.

hair growth oil

When massaged into the scalp regularly, Lavender oil has been known to increase hair growth and so stop hair loss or thinning, also known as alopecia. The soothing and analgesic properties of Lavender oil helps to sooth itching and dry scalps and can help in the treatment of dandruff or flaking. It even acts as a conditioner for your hair, moisturizing dry and damaged hair. By adding some lavender to your normal shampoo, or putting a few drops of the oil onto your wet, freshly washed hair, the high cost of specialized, and often ineffective, treatments can be avoided.

Another benefit that Lavender conveys for your hair is to rid your scalp of lice. A natural insect repellent, the lovely smell of Lavender is intolerable for lice, which will vacate your hair as soon as possible.
The scent of Lavender is not to everyone’s taste. However, this light, sweet floral fragrance has been used for generations as a natural perfume. Adding a few drops to water in a spray bottle will make for an inexpensive and delicate perfume which has the added benefit of healing sunburn,

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Lavender’s Therapeutic Relief

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Lavender Oil for Therapeutic Relief

Lavender has been used for thousands of years because of its aromatic properties. A single deep breath can send you into a relaxed and calming place where all you think about is meadows of bright purple flowers from where this sensuous oil originates from. 

Lavender oil comes from the purple or violet flowers of a bushy shrub with grey or green leaves grown globally, but the most desirable comes from France and England. The colourless to pale yellow-green liquid has a clean, floral fragrance, slightly sweet, with subtle balsamic or woody undertones. 

The birth of modern day aromatherapy in the early 20th century was because of Lavender, when Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist working for a prominent perfumer, accidentally set his arm on fire in the laboratory.  He thrust it into the nearest vat of cold liquid, which happened to be lavender oil, and felt immediate relief.  Previous chemical burns had caused severe pain, redness, blisters and scarring. Surprisingly, this burn healed quickly with minimal pain and no scarring. Gattefosse coined the word 'aromatherapie' to describe his healing experience. He spent the rest of his life researching health benefits of essential oils and published his findings in the 1937 landmark book 'Aromatherapy.' It was translated into English in 1993 and the 2nd edition is still in print, 70 years after it was written. 

Essential oil, the concentrated aromatic essence extracted from a plant, could be called the plant's psyche, or its personality plus physicality and is sometimes called the 'soul' of an aromatic plant. This life-force substance is commonly more thin and watery than oily, making the name somewhat of a misnomer. Consistency aside, essences are highly concentrated and extremely volatile, often containing hundreds of organic components, sometimes only a few.

Essential oils include a variety of hormones, vitamins and chemicals needed to perform various plant functions. A flower's essence, for example, attracts insects for pollination. In a shrub or tree, this essential liquid becomes resin to heal wounds from severe weather damage. Essential oil regulates the water content in a plant and prevents evaporation. Or, a plant might produce chemicals to deter predators and warn other plants and trees. Often a plant produces a toxic substance against bacteria, virus or fungus. The essential liquid of these highly complex organisms of the plant kingdom are one of nature's many gifts to human beings. They've been used to freshen the atmosphere, enrich the food, and heal whatever ails the body, mind or spirit of mankind.

Known as the Queen of Essential Oils, or the cure-all, lavender is the best all-around essential oil. It blends well with other essences and boosts their effectiveness. If you can have only one, make it lavender. Believed to activate the pineal gland in the brain, balances and normalizes body functions, as well as emotions, and has been used for thousands of years for its soothing, calming and relaxing effect. Lavender is frequently used in skin care products, perfume, soap and household cleaners. It can be used safely on children and infants when diluted in a carrier lotion.

Lavender is an excellent analgesic for muscle ache/spasm and headache when used directly for massage or diluted in bath water. It is effective for relieving symptoms of cold, sinus congestion and bronchitis, as well as for counteracting virus and infection. Oil of lavender can be applied undiluted (neat) directly on flesh wounds and burns, including sunburn, to relieve pain, combat infection and speed healing and skin restoration. Lavender is both a treatment for insect bites, as well as an insect repellent. Other skin conditions treated with lavender are acne and itching due to allergies.

The aroma of lavender helps control irritability, anger, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity and insomnia. The cooling effect of this soothing oil aids insight, rationality, clear thinking and meditation.


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Aromatic Facial with Lavender

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Beauty treatments can be expensive and waiting times rather tiresome, yet you have no choice if you wish to look attractive and trendy most of the time. You could try pampering yourself with a do-it-yourself (DIY) aromatic facial with Lavender essential oil.Give Your Face an Entire Makeover

Lavender Facial

Fresh fruits are excellent material for facials; you can use the pulp of apples, apricots or peaches. For added benefit, you may go in for a teaspoonful of honey as well, or even an egg. Put the whole lot into a blender, and blend well. Your face pack is now ready, just add a 2-3 drops of Lavender essential oil and apply. If you find fruit pulp too messy, get a clay mask and add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to it. Leave it on for ten minutes before washing it off. If you have long hair, it will help to cover it up before applying the mask, otherwise the fruit can make strands of hair quite sticky and messy. The best thing about this DIY aromatic facial is that you may experiment with it as you wish. For example, other oils such as rosewood, sandalwood, patchouli, rose, or ylang-ylang may be used as add-ons.


Why do Your Eyes Look So Tired Always?

Living amidst polluted surroundings, long days and late nights tend to make your eyes puffy and red. A great way to help heal your eyes is with chamomile tea bags. They are completely safe and reliable, simply place a chamomile tea bag in boiling water and allow it to infuse, when the water has cooled slightly, pour a few drops of Lavender essential oil into it. Give the lavender oil a couple of minutes to penetrate the tea bag. Remove the tea bag, squeeze excess water, and place it on your closed eyes. They will feel soothed and relaxed immediately.


Monthly, Weekly and Daily Rituals

Make it a habit to get rid of accumulated dead skin cells, once a month, with the help of a DIY aromatic facial with Lavender essential oil. Pour around six drops of this oil into a blended mixture of one cup of coarse or fine oatmeal, half-a-cup of finely ground almonds and a teaspoon of clear honey. If you like to, you may add bergamot, geranium, or sandalwood oil too.

Every week, place a hot compress on your face. The compress refers to a flannel cloth soaked in hot water containing Lavender essential oil. After five minutes, splash cold water onto your face. Alternatively, other oils such as geranium, rose, sandalwood, lemon, or frankincense may be used too.

On a daily basis, take recourse to a cleanser-toner-moisturizer combination to which you can add Lavender essential oil. Apart from Lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, bergamot, lemon and geranium are also good additions to a cleansers. Toning can be done with the aid of Lavender by adding it to plain rosewater, witch-hazel water, or orange flower water. Finally, moisturize your face, you may add Lavender essential oil and rose to a moisturizer with a neutral base.

And voila there you have it, you just saved money, didn't use any harmful chemicals or preservatives and very importantly you did something fun and good for yourself.


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Lavender great Stress Reducer

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If you are looking for top-quality essential oil, then you are definitely in the right place. We provide a high-quality lavender oil that is produced from 100% naturally pure lavender flowers, is certified undiluted, and is a premium therapeutic organic grade essential oil and is quite affordable.

Unlike other similar products that are diluted with additives, fillers, and carriers, this lavender essential oil is authentic, natural, and pure. WellnessScent Lavender Oil is steam-distilled from fresh Lavender flowers from the French province of Provencal -- a wonderful tourist location well known for its fresh fields of beautifully scented lavender.

The health benefits of lavender essential oil have never been in doubt. Right from time immemorial, the oil extracted from lavender plants has been used in many societies around the world to purify the body and spirit. Even to this day, lavender essential oil is still used to purify and re-energize the body, mind, and soul in aromatherapy. By adding just a few drops of  Lavender Essential Oil to a bowl of warm water and letting the lavender fragrance circulate around a room, you will help any individual to achieve a sound, refreshing sleep, courtesy of the effects lavender fragrance on your body.

Apart from its use in aromatherapy, lavender essential oil has many other valuable health benefits. Lavender is one of the most useful oils in the treatment of acne. According to dermatologists, lavender restrains the growth of bacteria that causes acne in the skin. It also reduces the over-secretion of sebum, which attracts bacteria responsible for causing acne, and scarring in the skin. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to your lotion, cream, or body wash will significantly reduce your chances of developing acne.

Have you had a long tiresome day? Then, you should have a hot foot bath with a few drops of lavender oil. Because the sole of the foot is very porous, lavender oil can quickly get into your bloodstream and exert its soothing effect, calming and relaxing your body. Next time you are suffering from fatigue, go have a hot foot bath with lavender oil, and you will be relaxed, refreshed, and recharged after the bath.

Are you experiencing frequent headaches? Then, you need lavender oil in order to make your recurrent headache attacks a thing of the past. Applying a mixture of lavender oil and ice cold water in the forehead, temples, and nape of the neck is very effective in curing headaches.

Lavender oil is also effective in the treatment of insomnia, post-operative pain, sunburns, menstrual cramps, anxiety and stress, fever, cuts and wounds, burns, aching muscles, and common cold and flu. By using Lavender Essential Oil, you will be able to enjoy the numerous health benefits of this essential oil. It is not surprising that a 10 ml bottle of the lavender essential oil is likened to a medical cabinet in your pocket.


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