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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Organic

There are a great number of species of Eucalyptus trees and the oils from the various species differ widely in character as some leaves are more odorous than others.Today the oil is used for a wide variety of purposes, they can be found in perfumes, cosmetics, medical and industrial products.


    ★ 100% Natural Pure Undiluted Therapeutic Grade Oils

    ★ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

    ★ We Are Giving Away a Free Library of Essential Oil Guide E-books Worth an Incredible $50

    ★ Premium Therapeutic Grade Used in Aromatherapy & Massage Therapy

    ★ Boosts Respiratory Health, Strengthens the Immune System,

    ★ Protects Skin Health, Eases Tension and Anxiety, Lowers Blood Sugar,

    ★ Eliminates Inflammation, and Fights Against Bacterial Infection

    ★ Make Your Own Diy Hand, Body and Face Wash,

    ★ Air Freshener for a Welcoming Home Fragrance,

    ★ After Shave, Invigorating Bath Salts, Shampoo, Deodorant, Moisturizer.

    ★ Hand Sanitizer & Lotion with a Wonderful Scent

    ★ Great to Add a Few Drops in Your Diffuser or Humidifier,

    ★ Spray It on Your Pillow or Bed Sheets,

    ★ Use It in a Steam Shower, Use It with a Neck Wrap or Even in Your Nose Spray.

 For a Happier and Healthier Life.


I am a novice for essential oils and purchased Frankincense for the first time to make a homemade beauty product instead of buying from expensive cosmetics stores. Not only it arrived quickly, but also came with useful and valuable information I did not expect. I learned that Frankincense, the es...

Kiyomi Yamaguchi
May 09, 2016