Do you use store bought air fresheners
in your
home, car or workplace?

WARNING: What you read next will likely shock you!
Shoes, dishes, dogs, cats, bathrooms, dirty laundry... all make our home SMELL BAD, believe me it’s the same for us all. And when that happens... many of us run off to the store to buy all the different products conveniently placed in their own little aisle to solve our ‘SMELLY problem’.
We all know them right?
SPRAYS that supposedly make your bathroom smell exactly like the 'rain-forest'? PLUG IN SYNTHETIC AIR FRESHENERS to freshen up your home and the ever popular 'Little Trees' to hang in your car?
Plug-In Air Freshener Don’t even think of using another synthetic Air Freshener until you read this...


WARNING! They contain SYNTHETIC Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that include nasty chemicals like: formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, aerosol propellants, p-dichlorobenzene & phthalates.

Time Magazine Child's Health


What does that really mean, should you be worried?

''Exposure to [Synthetic] VOCs — can increase the risk of asthma in kids and cause serious lung problems.  VOCs can also trigger eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches and dizziness.'' Bryan Welsh TIME Environmental Health in 2011


NRDC recently tested 14 popular air fresheners and found that 12 contained phthalates. A few of the brands labelled as being "all-natural" and "unscented'' have phthalates, but SHOCKINGLY do not even include it on their lists of active ingredients!

Green FamaliesPhthalates are chemicals that are used to extend the length of time the fragrance lasts. Regular direct exposure can cause ALLERGIES, ASTHMA, CANCER, SKIN & RESPIRATORY IRRITATION plus it may cause PROBLEMS to our REPRODUCTIVE systems. 


Many air fresheners contain nerve-deadening chemicals that coat your nasal passages and temporarily block your sense of smell, - National Geographic’s The Green Guide.

Toxic Chemicals in Air Spray
  • They work by spraying a whole bunch of CHEMICALS that simply MASK the smelly air, while creating a TOXIC COCKTAIL that potentially seeps into our LUNGS & SKIN… absolutely damaging for your young CHILDREN.
  • They ACCUMULTE in ever-increasing amounts in the human body over a period of years and the DANGERS INCREASE as they build up inside. The presence of these toxins inside fat can also make WEIGHT LOSS DIFFICULT.
Natural Free Spirit

The GOODNEWS is, there are amazing NATURAL & SIMPLE options

that won't give you cancer,

or impair the reproductive development

of your unborn child!



Here's what you can do today:

Use Essential Oils!

Natural Herb Essence 

Many of them are already naturally anti-fungal & anti-bacterial (BONUS!)


Lavender Extract Lavender Extract For the ULTIMATE
Home Air Freshener
Is The Crown Jewel.


How to use Lavender Essential oil to freshen up your home


Spray Bottle
  • Simply pop a couple of drops in a DIFFUSER
  • Don't have a diffuser? Add a few drops to purified water & mix in a SPRAY BOTTLE. Shake before spraying in a room. All good!

At WellnesScent our Lavender oil is the best in the business & is recognized by experts as unparalleled.


Lavender Essential Oil It’s amazing how FAST this wonderful
HEALING SCENT fills a home, use
the ultimate natural home Air Freshener


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Lavender Oil

Its that simple, but that's not all.
Lavender will:

  • Calm & relax your kids
  • Make you sleep like a baby
  • Present a heavenly welcoming aroma for guests.
  • AND OF COURSE, act as a natural & safe Air Freshener

Get your Natural Lavender Oil Today


Eucalyptus BranchEucalyptus Branch


it's your number one choice
to hide a number two. ?

Eucalyptus really WORKS, it doesn’t just half-heartedly mask odors (or toxic up the quality of your air) like bathroom sprays. It TRAPS them before they can even become an issue.

                It’s fresh and clean as the morning breeze.


How to freshen your bathroom with Eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus Trees
  • Keep a bottle in each bathroom, ADD 5 DROPS directly into the COMMODE WATER to INSTANTLY FRESHEN the area.
  • The oil remains there until someone comes along and FLUSHES the bad SMELLS AWAY.
  • You can even place a note on the door, to remind your husband and the rest of the family to use Eucalyptus oil, after they’ve had a number two!


Eucalyptus will:

  • Heal your lungs (rather than damage them)
  • Wash the odor away (instead of just masking it )
  • Freshen up your bathroom

Eucalyptus Essential OilJoin Thousands Of Customers Using Eucalyptus  As A Natural & Healthy Bathroom Air Freshener


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Unqiue Collection Essential Oil EBooks Both LAVENDER and EUCALYPTUS come with a totally FREE detailed eBook, with access to knowledge & expertise on all the ways to freshen up your living space.


And that's not all… you will ALSO learn exactly HOW TO USE your essential oil in a myriad other ways to enhance your health holistically.


With essential oils the possibilities are ENDLESS!




To rejuvenate your life in the best natural way & please,
throw all those unhealthy synthetic air fresheners in the trash!



Our essential oils come with 100% Customer Satisfaction or
Your MONEY BACK Guranteed!

Buy With Confidence! No Risk. No Obligation.


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How to freshen up your car using essential oils:

Bonus: You can use Peppermint which will ward off motion sickness AND keep you awake!

  • add a few dabs around your car, like on the dash, on the roof or under the seats (where they won't make direct contact with clothing)


Peppermint Essential OilUse Peppermint as a natural & healthy
air freshener in your CAR


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I have been using lavender oil for several years to relax and rest at night. I put it on my pulse points and on my neck just before bedtime. However, this is the first time I have used this brand. I love it and find, as others have, that it is superior to other brands.

J. Eshleman
Nov 29, 2015